The Most Remembered Little Richard Hairstyle

Little Richard 1950s hairstyle. Photo by

He had the sides cut relatively short and brushed back above the ears. The back was a little longer. The top was much longer, looking as if it were piled on top of his head. The hair added a good six inches to his apparent height. He applied a generous amount of hair pomade to make his tresses look wet, even when completely dry. He coupled this with a thin mustache that could almost have been drawn on his lip with a pencil.

When performing, the hair on top of his head became quite animated with the motions of his head. This feature was incorporated into his acts to the delight of his fans.

He has changed his look over the years. His music has also changed a great deal, especially since he converted to Christianity and became an ordained minister. However, most people will always remember the early hairstyle and his early music because of the changes he brought to the music industry.


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