Yemi Osunkoya (Kosibah) at the cost of €7000.

Yemi Osunkoya (Kosibah) at the cost of €7000.

about Dubai white wedding of 2Face Idibia and Annie Macaulay may have been hit with a first setback over a false report about Annie Macaulay’s controversial wedding dress reportedly made at the cost of €7000 by Kosibah.

It was reported on a popular blog believed to peddle false information that Annie’s wedding dress was made by top Nigerian UK designer, Yemi Osunkoya (Kosibah) at the cost of €7000.

The designer has furiously reacted to the report that was posing to damage his well protected and respected brand. The controversial story has been reportedly dropped by the blog that first reported the false information.

Yemi tweeted, “PLEASE get your facts right. I did not make Anne Idibia/ Macauley’s dress as you’ve stated in your blog. Thank goodness for Google Alerts. Just seen some false information about me/Kosibah that could have damaged my brand.”

Yemi later tweeted, “She has taken it down. Hope all the people that may have seen it now know its not true.”


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