Black Wedding Dresses: Ghoulish or Glamorous?

bride2_635x250_1365013260Black used to be the exclusive color of funerals, but today’s chic brides are daring to wear it as they walk down the aisle. “There has been a growing interest in black wedding dresses,” Tova Marc, head designer for Wedding Dress Fantasy, which specializes in non-traditional colors, tells Shine. “They are tired of the same old white and ivory.” The trend began in 2011 when Vera Wang, the high priestess of bridal wear, sent 15 inky looks down the runway. Marc also says Lady Gaga’s edgy look has had an impact on brides-to-be. But, black isn’t for everyone. Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, fashionable Sarah Jessica Parker (who wore black to wed Matthew Broderick in 1997) said, “I would white it up, I’d wear a beautiful, proper wedding dress, like I should have worn on that day.” —Sarah B. Weir,


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