Lindsay Lohan Checks Into New Rehab Center, Changes Lawyers, Hair

hairlovely long hair style fashion FRIDAY MORNING UPDATE: Sources have confirmed to omg! and “omg! Insider” that Lindsay Lohan has dropped her Mark Heller as her attorney and is back with her former attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley. Also, sources have confirmed to omg! that Lohan is currently checked in at the Betty Ford Clinic in Rancho Mirage, California.

THURSDAY NIGHT UPDATE: The Los Angeles Times reports that Lindsay Lohan violated her probation by leaving Morningside Recovery on Thursday, where she was to begin 90 days of court-ordered treatment. Deputy Santa Monica city attorney Terry White said that he learned Lohan spent just a few minutes at the Orange County rehab facility before leaving. “Ms. Lohan is in violation of her probation, that much is clear,” said White, who added he didn’t know Lohan’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, a source told Us Weekly that she left the facility because “she felt Morningside was not suitable for her. There were too many paparazzi everywhere and she didn’t feel safe. Nobody close to her is happy about this. They think she’s really not being smart.”


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