Britney Spears’ Stylist Reveals the Secret to Singer’s Healthy-Looking Hair!

Britney Spears is a chameleon when it comes to her hair. The singer’s tresses have been styled both straight and curly, cut long and short (and bald!), colored red, brown, and blonde. And while each look has its appeal, it’s perhaps her current voluminous, wavy, blonde hairstyle that is most flattering on the mom of two.

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Spears’ colorist/stylist Brittany Hunter, of Mark Slicker Salon in L.A., tells Us the secret to the singer’s shiny waves. “In order to keep Britney’s blonde locks in great condition, I always coat her hair with Pureology’s Precious Oil before I begin highlighting, which protects her hair during the lightening process, and allows it to stay healthy and strong,” she shares.

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This oil treatment isn’t just for salon use, though, she says. “It is my favorite at-home DIY hair care treatment!” she raves. “During the summer, I like to coat my hair with Precious Oil and head straight to my poolside lounge chair for a bit of pampering.”

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To use, apply all over dry hair and leave in for 20 minutes or more, the stylist recommends. Then, rinse, shampoo, and condition.

This article originally appeared on Britney Spears’ Stylist Reveals the Secret to Singer’s Healthy-Looking Hair!


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