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Surprise, All You Naysayers: Miley Cyrus Really Can Sing

Say the name “Miley Cyrus” and what comes to mind? If you’re like 99% of most people, it’s probably “tongues” or “twerk” or “teddy bears.” The young pop singer, who has come under fire for her increasingly wanton public performances — which peaked with her infamous 2013 VMAs appearance and hasn’t abated with her nudity-inclusive video for latest single “Wrecking Ball” — has unfortunately covered up something that has been woefully ignored in the wake of all the chatter about her antics.

That is: The girl has serious talent .

Cyrus seemed on a mission to prove this Saturday night at the 2013 iHeartRadio Music Festival. Sure, she did choose to show up in an eyebrow-raising see-through outfit which revealed most of her figure, consisting of a white fishnet minidress, black pasties, and what appeared to be black-and-white bikini bottoms underneath. And she did greenlight a stage set with rainbows, mushrooms, and dancing little people. Oh yes, and she sang into a banana-shaped microphone.



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