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fffqexalte5dEXALTED HAIR STYLE BLOG . always build hair form on any thing you want to carry on your head style.


Chievo - JuventusA Twisted Mohawk Hairstyle for Black Men. Don’t be afraid to enhance the style with some serious wardrobe swag. The red and blue scarf is doing it’s thing here.


Picture of a curly and deep wave haircut. This hairstyle can be worn with natural and texturized hair. Short cuts can be low maintenance on day to day styling, but you have to make sure you keep the cut fresh. So continuous visits to your hair stylist and/or barber will be a requirement if you […]

super style hair style
super style hair style

clipper forusher-in-court with his handsome stylehaircut styledbag jNatural-Hairstyles-Men-and-Women






Here is a list of he top 21 African American hair myths that are passed to friends and family members building up a barrier between black men and women. These are some of the top statements that are causing arguments and massive destruction of thirsty roots nationwide. The List Myth 1:  Trimming Hair Makes It



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