10Things That Don’t Belong In A Barbershop

10. The liar… He’s the guy that went to school with Drake, is lil Wayne’s cousin and is related to Michael Jordan’s sister. Yeah. Ok…

9. The topic changer. He’s the guy who starts the convo with the Miami Heat, switches to Obama and ends it with who twerks the best. In the same sentence…

8. The credit beggar. He feels that since you have been cutting his hair for a while, he can get a few cuts on credit. Sorry. My kids still gotta eat.

7.The “time out” parents. We love the kids but a time out for lil Bay Bay is not gonna stop him from running around the shop and breaking the Xbox.

6. The price forgetter. You knew how much the cut was when you left home. Don’t tell me you forgot $2 at the house. Again…

5.  The “Cell phone guy”. You are not Diddy. Can I cut your hair without you talking on the phone the entire time?

4. The chair hopper. He likes to try every barber in the shop. Not because he doesn’t like the cut; He’s a mitch like that…

3. Mr. Instructions. You have been cutting his hair for 3 years. He still wants to tell you 20 ways to cut his hair. A bald fade…

2. “I don’t wear the pants guy”. You know the guy who’s wife dresses him, tells him what to eat… Oh yeah, she tells you how to cut HIS hair while standing right next to you during the entire cut.

1. The “I Know more sports or music than you guy”. This is the guy who mistakes Vince Carter for Chris Carter. The same guy said Jay-Z is overrated and Biggie is not in the topdesign2

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Obama Getting Haircut In Barbershop


Barbershops are exclusive clubs that were designed to be the ultimate clubhouse for MEN. In a barbershop, fellas can bond and be honest about their thoughts and feelings without the prying scrutiny of womanhood poking away at their souls. There’s literally nothing else to do in a barbershop but talk sh*t with your comrades, get a fresh fade, watch sports, and partake in the free-spirited wisdom that echoes off the dusty mirrors. Going to the barbershop should be a cornerstone of any young man’s formative years. While the barbershop is a place of organized confusion, there are still certain laws that dictate how they operate. These rules are unwritten but are still observed and maintained and this tradition gets passed down from each generation to the next. Every now and then, these rules are broken, but for the most part they stand unchanged throughout the years. In case…

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