Fashion from Japan: Sacai and Uniqlo, Oriental Magic

The Sacai outfits above are a magic of fluid lines, color matching and fabrics brilliantly mixed.  Sacai was conceived in 1999 by Chitose Abe, who had formerly worked with Rei Kawakubo and Junya Watanabe at Comme des Garçons. The Tokyo fashion imprint is highly recognizable in all the garments, both by the use of knitwear and in the volumes constructed and juxtaposed in the style of fellow designers from the country, such as the great Yohji Yamamoto (one of my favorite fashion creators, ever).

On the left, an image of Chitose Abe.

Sacai’s style is characterized by the mixing of different fabrics and a variety of prints, which rarely produces a good result… the military with ruffles and tartan with floral would look, in principle, rather “messy”….  Still, here the result is a wonder of utterly modern elegance, previously unseen.

One could say that Uniqlo is something else, and it is insofar as it’s not in the same design range (read: more affordable).  In a way, it could be compared to Benetton in its early days, but it cannot be dismissed as cheap and chic….it leaves a great deal of choice to the wearer when it comes to matching the different pieces and the results obtained can be just as wondrous and more personalized.



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